Wednesday, May 2, 2012


"I'm gonna wipe the floor with you & the scene with me!" 
Why did this movie bomb? "The colors are too colory!" or "Didjoo see dat preview? It sucked shit!" or "I don't wanna see a little boy's movie on Mother's Day weekend. I wanna see What Happens in Vegas!" Any of those excuses will work, but for those who make 'em... You are missing out.
Speed Racer starts off like a little, itty bitty, teeny weeny, widdle baby's movie: so vibrant and colorful, with obvious green screen work and "I don't know what to make of this shit"-style fx, that I started to worry. My wife sitting next to me, I started to see the movie thru her eyes instead of my own. And that's another curse I have, when watching movies! If I think it's boring for my wife or kids, then I can't enjoy it for my own selfy-self. So anyway, I'm hoping the movie starts to get moving after it stalled at the starting line... heh heh... worried that my wife and two new step daughters will opt to walk out like they did when I tried to show them Raiders of the Lost Ark the other night...that's another blog entry...when all of a sudden: The first race gets a-goin' and a-goin' good. Y'see, Speed's in first place but he's still racing like he's in second, and it becomes apparent that he is second, because he's trying to beat his dead older brother's (Rex Racer) record. The way the Wachowski's show this is friggin brilliant. The whole movie is brilliant. So see it.

The End

(Originally written in 2008. I planned on writing so much more, but time just got away from me... There's a much better review/article of Speed Racer by Alejandro Stepenberg of You owe it to yourself and your mom to go there and read it. Then buy the movie on bluray. Speaking of which, I bought it on dvd when it came out, then bluray, and then, after reading Alejandro's article, I bought it on itunes)

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